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We increase your sales by at least 20% !

We increase your sales by at least 20%, or else... You get your money back.Yes, our UX design and CRO magicians take care of the results.

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Concrete results from our clients

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Average results observed among our clients over the 6-month support period

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Optimizing your website means:

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Lëc Média is:

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We start each project by addressing any errors related to the proper functioning of your e-commerce platform. It's important to build a solid foundation before considering optimization


We then proceed with an analysis based on real data, which is crucial for detecting anomalies and implementing a tailored strategy to meet your needs


At this stage, our UX development team brings your project to life, with the design being crafted in parallel during the previous two steps by our team of graphic designers


The first concrete results come in strongly. However, we continue to support you with a series of A/B tests and analyses over six months, placing your Shopify store at the pinnacle of performance

What makes us stand out

At Lëc Média

  • Tailored Support and Customized Follow-up

  • Self-editable Website for Full Autonomy

  • Data-driven Decision Making

  • High Responsiveness

  • User-centric Approach

  • Systematic & Unlimited A/B Testing

  • Dedicated Team at Your Service

  • GUARANTEED Increase in Conversion Rates

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Specifically, what steps do you take to improve my store?
Firstly, we focus on SEO to attract more visitors to your online store. Then, CRO, UX, and UI come into play, acting as inseparable allies. Consider them as the trio that will enhance all aspects of your site; it's through them that we can increase your conversion rate and average sales value.
I don't understand these terms: SEO, UX, UI, CRO, A/B test
No problem!
  • SEO aims to make your website visible and accessible to search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc. By optimizing your content and structure, you attract a larger number of visitors.

  • L'UX, on the other hand, focuses on making your website user-friendly and enjoyable for visitors. A good user experience encourages users to stay on the site and make purchases. It's a bit like a funnel that guides the user towards the act of purchasing.

  • L'UI or user interface pertains to the appearance and usability of an application or website. It includes everything you see and interact with when using a program on your phone or computer: the buttons you click, the menus you use to navigate, etc. In short, it's the visual and interactive aspect that makes things easy to understand and enjoyable to use.

  • As for CRO, it involves a thorough analysis of user data to draw conclusions and make "minor" but significant improvements that make all the difference.

  • AB testing, also known as split testing, is an experimental method used as part of our conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy. It involves comparing two different versions (A and B) of an element, such as a button, text, or animation, to determine which one generates the best results in terms of conversion rate. By analyzing the collected data, we identify the most effective elements to optimize the user experience and increase our conversion rate.
How many offers do you provide?
Only one. Here, there are no offers adjusted up or down. Our goal remains constant: to ensure a growth of at least 20% in your revenue.
How long does the support last?
Our support lasts for 6 months. During this period, we analyze your website statistics and conduct constant A/B tests to ensure we don't miss any sales opportunities. In just a few days, you'll already notice a significant difference, but after the 6 months, you'll have a truly optimized visitor conversion machine.
Is CRO+UX+UI+SEO really profitable?
Of course, the answer is yes. Imagine losing 20 to 30% of sales per month – that amounts to a considerable sum! I invite you to calculate it using our simulator above.
If I start now with you, what should I expect?
Specifically, expect prompt assistance. We know our clients don't have time to waste; every second counts. While you're reading this sentence, you're probably missing out on sales. Tick tock, tick tock... Each month, we only onboard 4 new clients to ensure impeccable follow-up for each one. Contact us to find out when a spot will become available.

You should also expect a minimum 20% increase in revenue and a maximally converting store, let's not forget.

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